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We proudly deliver STEAM engagements worldwide

Our science workshops cover topics in the national
curriculum. They are ideal for primary and secondary school children.

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Our STEM Workshops for Schools

Topics include energy, sustainability, coding, robotics, space and solar system, biology, maths, electricity, airplanes, bridge building, forces and motion, light waves, and the Raspberry-Pi. Click on a workshop to find out more.



Build a windmill and explore a water wheel. Learn about renewable and non-renewable energy, sustainability, energy transfer, and climate change.

Age - Primary Schools up to College
(All key stages)


Experiment with mini generators and build series and parallel circuits. Learn about AC and DC, voltage, batteries, charge, power, and resistance.

Age - Primary Schools up to College
(All key stages)

Maths (Secondary)

Engage secondary school students in maths with real-life practicals. Topics include algebra, percentages, ratios, bearings, measurements, and more.

Age - Secondary Schools and GCSE
(KS3, KS4)

Maths (Primary)

This is the primary version of our maths workshop. Topics covered include numbers and place value, fractions, algebra, time, 3D shapes, and more.

Age - Primary Schools
(KS1, Lower KS2, and Higher KS2)

Solar System

Conduct space experiments to learn about our planets, stars, and the universe. Measure gravity, create tornados and star constellations.

Age - Primary Schools to KS3
(KS1, KS2, KS3)

Coding with Robots

Learn to code the BBC:microbit to display LED sequences. Code an obstacle avoiding robot with the Scratch block programming language.

Age - Primary Schools up to University
(KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5)


Build a traffic light circuit and program an LED sequence. Learn to code the Raspberry-Pi GPIO pins with the Scratch programming language.

Age - Secondary Schools to University
(KS3, KS4, KS5)

Forces and Motion

Build a propeller car and learn about thrust and equations of motion. Create a tornado/whirlpool in a beaker and fire stomp rockets.

Age - Primary and Secondary Schools
(KS2, KS3, KS4)

Light Waves

Conduct practicals to learn about the properties of light, reflection, refraction, and the color spectrum. See images with a pinhole camera.

Age - Primary Schools up to College
(KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5)


View cells and microorganisms under a microscope. Explore the human body and learn about our organs. Conduct a photosynthesis experiment.

Age - Primary and Secondary Schools
(All key stages)


Build a long-distance glider. Experiment with flight controls (flaps and ailerons). It covers the history of aircraft development, aerodynamics, lift, thrust, and drag.

Age - Primary Schools up to College
(KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5)

Bridge Building

Build bridges with models to learn about bridge engineering in the real-world. Learn the theory behind truss, beam, cantilever bridges, and more.

Age - Primary Schools up to College
(All key stages)

Coding with Botley

A coding workshop for young children with the Botley robot. Use step coding to perform tasks such as turning, line following, obstacle detection, and more.

Age - Primary Schools
(EYFS - KS1)

All of our Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics workshops cover topics in the national curriculum. They contain over 100 activities. The design of the workshops means that we can deliver them in school classrooms. We aim to encourage students to become scientists, engineers, and problem solvers.

School Price Guide

We have a price guide that contains a summary of our workshop formats and approximate costs for all our workshops and assemblies. Please submit an enquiry or emails us at to request a copy.

STEM Clubs

We provide after school STEM clubs covering a range of fun practical activities.

Coding Education

We provide coding workshops to universities and colleges. These workshops are ideal for engineering and computer science students.

STEM Grants

Find out whether you are eligible to apply for a grant to fund one of our STEM workshops for free from a third-party organisation.

Online Reviews


We are a proud STEM provider with a wealth of experience working in the educational sector delivering school workshops, assembly talks, and university engagements in the UK and Europe.


Students will be in the hands of qualified Aerospace, Space, and Mechanical engineers with experience at Rolls-Royce.


The STEAM workshops and assembly talks were developed to deliver an exceptional educational experience, and are delivered alongside some of the finest professional street-dancers!

Teacher Testimonials

"Thank you for the workshops you provided our school on Friday, I have received great feedback from both the children and teachers. Would love to arrange some further workshops"

Rebecca Dilly, Alexander Mcleod Primary School

"We just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of all of Year 10 and the staff who supervised too – it was a great experience for all of us! The workshops were such a treat for the girls and they’re already asking when you’ll be coming back!"

Anjali Thomas, Baylis Court School

"Thank you so much for the visit this week the children loved it and have not stopped talking about it since"

Sam Loughman, Sacred Heart Primary School

Science Engagement of the Year Finalists

Our science workshops for schools and science presentations made it to the finals of the Berlin Falling Walls Science Engagement of the Year 2020. Our application was selected out of entries from 72 different countries. You can watch the video presentation we entered for the final round of the competition below.

Why Choose Us


STEM Workshops

Our STEM workshops have gone through many months worth of iterations and trials in schools. It has helped to make sure our workshops run smoothly on the day. We have worked very hard to make sure the content of each workshop directly relates to aspects of the curriculum, hence enriching the education experience already taught at school. The practical activities cover all science subjects including, biology, physics, chemistry, and design and technology.

Furthermore, our science workshops for schools are available in different versions, which means we can deliver content that is suitable for any age group, including secondary school and college students.

The students will also receive hands-on experience in science and engineering, as all our workshops contain practical elements. We will guarantee that the students will take away a great deal of knowledge. Our workshops are available anywhere in the UK for schools and STEM events.

We are a registered workshop provider with STEM Learning, See-Science, and Sustainable Learning.

Speaking Engagements

We have used years of public speaking experience to develop our speaking engagements. When it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) we can engage children during our talks like no one else. For example, when we talk about forces and motion, we throw in a back-flip, or we can showcase break-dance windmills or robot moves. We can also incorporate various mini science demonstrations into our shows.

We have different versions of our presentations which we can deliver to various age groups. Moreover, we can deliver higher-level science engagements at conferences and education festivals covering topics such as, sustainability and climate change.

Students and guests will leave the engagement entertained with inspiration and knowledge.

On some STEM engagements we will bring our robots. They have various functions including text-speech commnunciation, obstacle avoidance, media playback, and bluetooth control.


We end some of our engagements with a dance performance!

Booking Process

Workshop Booking Process
Other STEM Events

We can organise STEM days to cover a large number of children for summer camps, festivals, and education conferences.
Please submit an enquiry to discuss your requirements.

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