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Why Maths in a Box?

Development of our flagship GCSE Maths workshop

17 July 2020

I started working in the education sector after leaving my full-time job as an engineer three years ago. I went back to my teenage years and revisited the entire GCSE Maths curriculum before I began private tutoring for a part-time income. I did this while I developed my STEM workshop business on the side. I also shortly worked as a Maths teacher for a supply teaching company in between jobs. Whenever I taught Maths children would ask "when am I ever going to use this?".

It gave me the motivation to develop a curriculum-based Maths workshop for schools. A workshop that wasn't just designed to teach theory but also covers the real-life applications of Mathematics. At the same time, I wanted to make it practical and fun to learn. I sat down for a few days and came up with a list of topics the workshop would have to cover. The material had to tie in with GCSE revision so that it would be something the schools would be interested in purchasing.


I began interconnecting the exam questions with practical ideas. For example, I developed practicals such as a game that students could play using playing cards that linked to probability, calculating and verifying the volume of shapes through measurements, and using KNEX models to build an efficient bridge that can withstand a certain weight. These practicals would involve getting to students to solve algebra equations and various other Maths problems. I termed the workshop Maths-in-a-Box as all the items students need on the day will be inside a safe-box. The box itself is part of the workshop.

Once I finished developing the workshop, I trialled it with my private students. The feedback was excellent. They enjoyed every part of it. Following the trials, I refined a few of the concepts and made it available to schools. It is available in both foundation and higher level. The foundation level is suitable for all secondary school children, and the higher version is for GCSE higher students. In the coming academic year, I expect Maths-in-a-Box to become our flagship workshop.

You can check out the full workshop content here.

Written by Vidura Engineer, Speaker and Dancer