Forces and Motion Workshop

Science workshop for schools based on forces

This workshop for schools was developed by a qualified Aerospace Engineer with experience in the industry. The workshop will help students further their understanding of forces and motion by engaging them in several practical activities. It covers concepts such as thrust, gravity, friction, drag, and pressure.


We can deliver sessions in parallel.
1 instructor can deliver the following in a full day:
Primary: 3 sessions x 1.5hrs
(30 students per session)
Secondary: 3 sessions x 1.5hrs
(20 students per session)
Contact us for larger events.

Age Group

Year 3 - Year 10
KS2, KS3, and KS4

Build your own car

Learn about forces and motion and energy transfer by building your very own propeller toy car. Conduct an experiment to learn about the relationship between thrust, mass, and acceleration.


Create a Tornado

Students will create a stunning tornado/whirlpool in a beaker.

Typical Workshop Day*

* The activities may vary depending on the length of the workshops and the age and ability of the students.