Renewable-Energy Workshop

Eco workshop for schools (ideal for climate change projects)

This sustainability workshop for schools is focused around renewable energy. A half-day workshop will include two practical activities. A qualified engineer with experience in the industry will deliver this workshop.


We can deliver sessions in parallel.
1 instructor can deliver the following in a full day:
Primary: 3 sessions x 1.5hrs
(30-45 students per session)
Secondary: 5 sessions x 1hr
(20 students per session)
Contact us for larger events.

Age Group

Year 1 - Year 10
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

Build a Windmill

Children will build a working toy windmill that will light a small LED bulb. See the video below.

Additional Content

Learn about:

  • - all types of renewable energy.
  • - advantages and disadvantages of each type of energy.
  • - mechanics of a generator.
  • - kinetic and gravitational potential energy.
  • - potential of renewable energy to build a sustainable world and contribute towards resolving climate change issues.


Experiment with a water wheel model.


Series and Parallel Circuits

Higher students will build series and parallel circuits.

Typical Workshop Day*

* The activities may vary depending on the length of the workshops and the age and ability of the students.


"Everything was fantastic thank you. Very prepared, step by step explanations, clear understanding of what renewable energy was, we were very impressed and will definitely recommend!"

Cuckoo Hall Academy, London

"Good to learn about sustainable energy like wind power. Cool to see how simple it can be to generate energy."
"Interesting and creative to see if your design would work."

Seaford College Students