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Coding Education

We deliver coding workshops to universities, colleges, and primary & secondary schools in the UK. Our coding workshops are hands-on and based around either the BBC micro:bit (a device developed by the BBC to teach children coding) or the Raspberry Pi. These workshops are ideal for engineering or computer science students. Our workshops will be delivered using either micro python or MakeCode block programming languages. We aim to inspire the next generation of programmers for a better world.

Coding Activities:

  • Code a set of traffic lights.
  • Code a LED displays to show characters and shapes.
  • Code sensors on the BBC micro:bit to measure acceleration.
  • Code a sensor board (ideal for engineering students).

Coding Workshop Content:

  • Overview of programming languages
  • Data types
  • Keywords
  • Logic and arithmetical operators
  • Conditional statements (if else statements)
  • Loops (for and while loops)
  • Variables